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Death City
Vater=Spirit (Death Scythe)Mutter=Kami Freunde=Eigentlich alle in Shibusen

Vorteile deines charakter:
Im Gegensatz zu ihrer Waffe Soul setzt sie sich eher durch ihren Verstand als reine Muskelkraft durch.

Nachteile deines charakter:
Besondere Angewohnheiten:

.::Rassen Art und Fähikeiten::.
Fähikeiten/Waffen Art:
Soul Perception :The Soul Perception Ability (魂感知能力, Tamashii Kanchi Nōryoku) is a technique used by Meisters. This ability grants the user to see into others soul, literally. Unfortunately, Soul Perception doesn't work on a witch who is using Soul Protect. They will practically go unnoticed, or appear to have human souls. Soul Perception is limited to the user's vision and can not view a spirit that the user is already engulfed in, such as, Shinigami's Spirit enveloping the entirety of Death City. Soul Perception has numerous advantages, it not only allows the user to gain data on a person's soul and strength but skilled meisters, such as Dr. Stein, are able to derive the person's character aswell. From this data, if the users soul is adaptable, they can match the opponents waelength and so completely nullify the effects of some attacks.

Joe's Soul Perception is the most advanced in Shibusen, he can detect witches even when they use Soul Protect

Maka Chop:Maka uses a thick book or a dictionary that appears from thin air to smash directly onto the center of a victims head. Many friends of hers have fallen victim to this attack but, the only ones to ever take any serious damage such as blood lose and lose of conciousness are her father Spirit aka Death Scythe, Black Star, and Soul whom the attack is already the most ready for since even in the dark room of his soul Maka gave Soul Eater a chop to the head.

Black Blood: After activating the black blood transferred between Maka and Soul during their Soul Resonance against Free, Maka starts to hear Little Demon speaking of great power to Soul Eater. Maka urges Soul to accept his bargain for power when it appears to be their only chance of victory during their second battle against Crona. During this battle, the black blood caused Maka to fall into a crazed state of delirium, while Soul Eater is shown drowning in the darkness he often referred to as "madness." Because of the black blood hardening within her body, she was able to gain an immunity against slash and crush attacks and also acquired superior strength. While in this state, Maka is not only quite crazy but also quite silly, as her movements, behavior, and her fighting style change drastically, and she resembles a state of inebriation. (Her drastic behavior is clearly indicated by her swaying, constant giggling, and attempt to devour Crona's head, which further proves that Black Blood has a tendency to make users unlike themselves).

Witch Hunt:Witch Hunt (魔女狩り, majogari) is a traditional Soul Resonance attack used by scythe meisters. The move turns the head of the scythe into a crescent moon shape. Normally the Witch Hunt is used to send a single wave attack along the ground towards the enemy but there are other variations of the move.

It is believed that the appearence of Witch Hunt depends on the pairing of meister and weapon, as seen when Dr. Stein and Spirit preformed it. However, this variation may be due to the circumstances faced at the time.

The Witch Hunt has a purifying effect to it, this aspect of the attack makes it an effective move to use even against immortal opponents.

Hexagonal Hunter: A powerful slash using the Witch Hunt technique.
Attack of the Six: A rotating slash with a six-shaped after-image.
Attack of the U: A crescent slash brought from below where the blade is dragged upward in the shape of a U.
Kamaitachi: When using this attack, Soul collects the soul wavelength around him and redirects it back from where it came. The downside of this attack is that it is indiscriminate and unselective, unable to distinguish between the enemy or the ally. As a result, Kamaitachi cannot be used in team missions.

Demon Hunter:Demon Hunter- a more powerful variation to witch hunter, this form of soul resonance was achieved during The Clown arc in the manga and the battle for brew (vs. Mosquito)in the anime. This new form of witch hunter resembles a giant axe-like weapon with a long,vertical fang at the front. Straight Hunter: An energy shockwave that cuts in a straight line, used with Demon Hunter.

Soul Eater Evans

Between Maka and Soul, she is the more level-headed of the two, but when her anger gets the better of her, she will put her foot down. Where Soul seems to be the brawns, Maka is the brains. She always tries to think of a way to beat their opponent by exploiting their weaknesses. However, there is one occassion where Maka fails to develop any plan whatsoever, which Soul admits makes her a "cool partner."

Maka seems to be annoyed at the fact that her body has not developed yet (which is the center of some jokes in the series). She reacts violently to some of Soul's undesirable behavior, usually hitting him with a Maka Chop if he does something perverted (even if he is not the instigator. Namely, he often receives Maka Chops if Blair presses herself on him). Maka may have feelings for Soul, as she seems to get jealous when Blair attempts to seduce Soul.

Dr. Stein saw her soul and told her she was a "serious person who tries hard."

Her father is Shinigami's current death scythe. Maka acts as if she hates her father (as she has caught him constantly flirting with other women) but she still loves him very much. Her mother was a scythe meister, as well, at one point weilding Maka's father as her own weapon; Maka's mother, Kami, and Spirit, Maka's father, are divorced one month prior to the series.

(wird noch übersetzt )


Light of Hope, nothing's gonna change the time.
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